BODIE and FOU in Living Etc

Tamy, Interior designer and Co-Founder of Leibowitz and Mclachlan in Australia, told us that she saw our white Paulistano chair in Living Etc (March issue). In fact, we also have the Asteroid vases (currently available with 20% OFF) on the opposite page.

The feature in Living Etc is about decorating your home with the same simple pieces to create a luxurious and dramatic effect. For instance, put two rugs in two different sizes with the same pattern can work beautifully as a floor-sized patchwork. The footstool in chester Olive in front of the Paulistano armchair is from Jane Churchill and the cushions from Clarissa Hulse and Day Birger et Mikkelsen (more later). Clarissa Hulse is a British textiles designer that designs cushions, wallpapers, fabrics and lampshades using botanical images

In the office, a freer arrangement of the shelves doubles your option, as you can use the spaces in between for storage and display nice accessories such as the Asteroid vases, books, etc...

(C) Photos from Paul Raeside, Styling: Sally Denning for Living Etc


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