Citronille patterns

My mum is in a creative mood at the moment and recently we were talking about things we could sew. I have an old dress from Liberty with a beautiful orange pattern and rather than turning it into a cushion once again, I thought this time, I could do a nice summer top for Mila since my sewing machine is getting seriously dusty in its corner....

and then I remember Citronille, a fantastic French site that sell beautiful patterns for children & women clothings, fancy dresses, knitwear and accessories (see final results below). A patron costs 10€ for children,12€ for fancy dress and 4.50€ for knitwear + 4€ for European shipping

If you like knitted childrenwear, Knittybaby has a super cute range but one of my favourites is Penelope's shop Happy to See you. Penelope makes wonderful dolls and also the cutest little blouses for the dolls (very French in style). So cute, I wish she was making them for children.


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