Portable Summer house by atelierworkshop

I'm posting this as a memo for myself since if it's on the BODIE and FOU blog, I will know where to find the info when needed... As Steve is from New-Zealand, we go there pretty much every Christmas (yeah it's tough I know) and invariably, each year while relaxing at Waihi Beach, we wonder if we shouldn't buy a bach (a Summer bungalow in kiwiland). The only thing that stopped us until now is that the interest rates are stupidily high there and the rental market quite short so we couldnt rent it out like our houses in France.

Anyway, I came across the Port-a-Bach designed by Atelierworkshop on Danielle's Blog and I thought it was an awesome concept and it would be ideal for us (Steve still needs a bit of convincing) as it would give us a flexible solution to have a place for our holidays without committing to a permanent property.

The Port-a-Bach iso basically a container that can be located onto any place of flat land. It opens along one side to create deck and almost double the living space area. The entire thing can be connected to power, water and sewer independently or be connected to the local water & electricity suppliers. It comes complete with a showere area, kitchenette and bed to fit a family of 4.
Atelierworkshop is based in Wellington, New Zealand and is the brainchild of Cècile Bonnifait (who studied in Bordeaux like me) and William Giesenbased (a New-Zelander) who both trained as Architects.
For more great designs from Australia & New-Zealand, check out Studio Home Creative

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