Beautiful Brazilian designs

In essence, BODIE and FOU is about European designs and chic French home accessories and furniture....However for some reasons I can't explain, beautiful Brazilian designs keep coming our way and we simply can't ignore them.
The first one we fell in love with was the Paulistano chair by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, who was the Winner of the 2006 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the highest Award in the word of architecture. Mendes initially designed a limited edition of 350 for the athletic Club of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1957. At the time, the chairs had a fabric seat but they have recently been re-issued by Objekto, a fantastic French company based in Marseilles. As much as I love iconic designs from Le Corbusier, Charles & Ray Eames or Arne Jacobsen, I'm absolutely in love with the Paulistano and we have now two at home (that's one of the perks of running a interior design shop).

Rosita Missoni loved it too and recently designed a new fabric seat for the Paulistano with her Missoni trademark.

The Paulistano chair designed by Missoni is a limited edition (only 550 produced) and from what Objekto told me at Maison & Objet, stock for the Missoni will probably last until Spring and after that's it, they're gone (hint...we have one in stock).

Then came the Kaeko table by Rafic Farah....
A beautiful coffee table inspired by Farah's client, Doctor Kaeko, a tall, half-blood Japanese lady with deep black hair.
The Kaeko is a round large coffee table (diam. 110 cm) with a glass-tempered top which enables you to admire the beautiful curves of the frame below. It was initially launched with a black iron frame but will be available soon with a stainless-steel frame as well which will work nicely on dark floor while the iron frame works better on light floorboards or carpets.

And then, there were the very unique and colourful ceramic lamps by Flavia del Pra. Flavia's lamps have been a massive hit for us, we never had so much press coverage, not just in the UK but also internationally and it's quite understable when you see them. Each design is very unique and so colourful.
I have to admit when we launched BODIE and FOU, Elodie and I were very much inspired by the simple, contemporary style of Jacqueline Morabito and she is still to this day, our design hero, but Flavia's lamps have opened up my tastes for colours and flamboyant designs and I feel incredibly lucky that we came across her work (thanks Sof!). We have now launched a new series of smaller lamps by Flavia del Pra and soon, will be adding children lamps too.

Our latest Brazilian design is the Eclipse lamp by Mauricio Klabin and my guts feeling tells me it's going to be a hit. Made from a single piece of polypropylene (like the Normann pendant lights) attached to a steel frame, the Eclipse can be opened or closed to varying degrees. This allows the shape of the fixture to be altered, to expand or reduce the amount of direct light or change the angle of the light. It is a beautiful, affordable design.

The second one is the Gaivota rocking chair by Reno Bonzo. I tried it at M&O and I wish I had one like this when Mila was a baby.
Anyway, it is a pure design.

I hope you enjoyed our little Brazilian tour.


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