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The three members of JBA Design, Johanna Asshoff, Moa Jantze and Hanna Brogard, met in 2005 while studying furniture design at the Carl Malmsten design school in Stockholm. They have worked as a group since then with the ambition to beautify and simplify their surroundings to improve everyday life. And while they have signed deals with various high-end manufacturers they maintain a democratic stance. Borgard said: 'we like to design for everyone which is why we work for Ikea as well as doing more exclusive products'.
They like to put a contemporary twist on the traditionnal...and here my favourites pieces

The Trollsta cabinet (above) is a sideboard based on childhood memories, the play room at home and the impressive baroque drawing rooms in the granparents´ house. It is adapted for storage of home entertainment equipment such as video game consoles, dvd players, audio systems and remote controls and great news it is available from IKEA! I couldnt find it from Ikea UK but it is on the Ikea France website.
I also very much loved the Bloom chair and Field sofa because of the Swedish traditional details. The buttons on the field sofa for instance are embroidered buttons inspired by buttons on traditional, Swedish folk costumes...sweet

and then there is the Swing chair which you can get from Olby Design.

They also design interesting lamps like the Bell pendant light but I really love their Bird ceramic hooks, which I'm sure, given how our bird clothes pegs and birds on a wire blind have done, would be very successful in the UK.


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