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Prick Your Fingers is a delightful haberdashery shop in East London and brainchild of two knit-nut best buddies Rachael Matthews and Louise Harries. The girls met in the canteen at Central Saint Martins College.

Louise is a knitwear designer who worked in fashion for Hoxton boutique, Gucci and Gap, and has been a bit obsessed with yarn processing and the journey from sheep to shoulder since then. Rachael is the Founder of Cast Off knitting clubs for boys & girls, which weaved wholly chaoes around the world, basically promoting knitting and handicrafts as a constructive pass time (see flyers below)

So since the girls live and breath spinning, knitting and croching (crochet), their lovely little shop is full of knitting paraphernalia, from homespun Welsh yarns and ecoconscious needles to knit-your-own-cigarette kits or a knitted willy (yes you read properly.....hilarious).

But that's not all, they also run classes from their shop so you can go though an introduction to crochet, introduction to knitting, spinning or cable knitting and there is even an open surgery for those who have troubles finishing what they've started. Each class is two hours and costs £20 but places are limited.....
I would love to go to the knitting one or maybe crochet with some of my girlfriends (Mandy, Charlotte, Marc??? fancy this??).
From the age of 8 to 16 years old, during each holidays, my mamie tried to teach me how to knit and to my despair I never got it right. I was really keen to sit down and learnt from her, because she was incredibly patient and I really enjoyed spending some time with her but invariably the width of my knitted scarf ending up wider than its beginning with various holes throughout...not a great look but I've always loved it and I'm hoping that almost 25 years later, I could come up this time with a decent scarf for Mila...we can always live in hope!

So if you fancy a bit of a creative spot, check Prick Your Finger or the
British Hand Knitting Confederation, an organism dedicated to promoting the craft of hand knitting. You can also get beautiful knitting patterns from Citronille (see previous post here) and buy clothes for Pénélope Naulleau’s dolls (see posting from May 2007....gorgeous, gorgeous one-off piece dolls....)


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