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As I mentionned before when we added the beautiful ABC Love art print onto BODIE and FOU, typography is a great way to create a modern, visual statement at home and to break a plain wall so I've been looking for more examples and came across these....Not all of them would work for the home, nonetheless they are still interesting to view for their variations around the alphabet.
I like this Human alphabet from Hijack Your Life. It's clever and the whole thing is visually pleasant.

I LOVE the skullphabet from Skull a Day Two great things about Skull a Day, first the designer has made the skullphabet available for download (free) for both Mac & PC and his blog is uber cool. This guy makes a skull every day for a year and it's definitively worth a visit!

This one is pretty cool too, the typeface was created using photos looking upward at buildings.

Quite funky and creative, is the Value Pack, a typeface made of raw hamburger by artist Robert Bolesta

This one is interesting too...a 3 Dimensional alphabet created from melted plastic army figures by Graphic Designer Oliver Munday.

This one is quite fascinating. Photographer Kjell Sandved spent 24 years taking these photos of butterfly and moth wings to create a complete alphabet as well as the numbers 0 through 9. Read the story behind this project here

Then we start getting into the ones that I still find interesting but on the limit of gross... The hairy typography from Craig Ward is ok until you really think about the hair bit...

and then there is the seriously gross.... the Human Skin alphabet from Dutch artist Thijs Verbeek. I find it to freaky to put a picture of it but you're welcome to check out his website and make up your mind.
But my favourite is still the ABC Love art print available on BODIE and FOU.

Call me safe but I'd rather having a beautiful, cheerful and colourful print that will enhance my day each time I look at it rather than one which will give me nightmares.
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