Wallpaper from Lisa Bengtsson

Following my posting on Mibo's wallpapers, Sara from Casa Decor kindly tipped me on Lisa Bengtsson's wallpapers and I'm glad she did.
Lisa is a 27 years old Swedish designer who expresses her creativity through typography, patter, colours and forms. One of her recent project is the wallpaper collection named “the family”, the whole idea, behind this concept, is that each of her wallpaper tells the story about how we live and frame our lives.

Familjen (see above) for instance, reproduces images of picture frames that you can leave blank or use to display your own photos of family and friends. 'Svarmor' (below) is a bit too busy for my taste nonetheless, I think, it would look fantastic in a walk-in wardrobe especially if you have a shoe collection that would shame Imelda Marcos'! You can buy Familjen and Svarmor' from here

Moving on away from the “Familjen” concept, I love the flamingos on 'Ida' which has a very boutique feel and would great to make a statement in a hallway and the deep blue flowers used on 'Tant Inga'.

f you are after wallpapers that will make a real statement in your home, you should really check out Lisa's website. There is definitively a lot more to see than what I mentionned like this 60s inspired patterns who remind me of the flamboyant and colourful lamps by Brazilian ceramist Flavia del Pra.


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