I've always loved the design of skulls and pirates. During my grunge phase (yes I had one) at Uni, I was regularly accessorising my outfit with a skull scarf then I moved on....but I wouldnt mind getting my hand on the gorgeous black cashmere cardigan my friend Charlotte was wearing the other day (will wait for her to update me on the designer). So in the meantime, I got a very cute grey pirates t-shirt from Bob & Blossom (on Columbia Road, London) for Mila.
Pirates, skulls, crossbones are regularly used in fashion but also at home. Recently we added the very cool black Jolly Roger doormat to (also available in red here).

I really like them because I think they look fab and it's a nice change from the usual plain doormat. Right outside your front door, you already make a creative statement!
However the best compilations of skull designs I've seen so far are from Skull-a-Day.
The guy behind the Skull-a-Day blog adds a skull design every day of the year.

You can also download for free the skullphabet from Skull A Day or grab the desktop wallpaper below.
That's it for tonight. Enjoy your evening!


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