Letterpress studio in Kansas City

The pictures of this shop gave me goosebumps....It has a beautiful American feel to it, very different from the style of shops we would find in Europe and specializes in letterpress and typography (heaven!)

It is such an amazing space with buckets of personality and I would love to see it for real. Unfortunately I can't see myself flying to Kansas City in the near future..... but look at this gorgeous creative space...
I love the tables and work benches which were designed by The Utilitarian Workshop, the retro feel of the space which exudes at the same time tradition and uber-coollness, the brick walls, the amazing light....absolutely stunning.

This piece below is their business car bar (also done by the Utilitarian workshop) and it looks fabulous.

All the signs in the shop are either stencils or hand cut. The sign of the shop was handpainted and the price tags are handtyped.

Hammerpress was founded by Brady Vest in 1994, after he graduated from the Kansas City Institute with a degree in printmaking. In 2004, he was joined by Lindsay Larricks who had a background in design and some serious computer skills and together, they have been flying off...creating an award-winning portfolio of unique, hand printed posters, wedding invitations, corporate identity and cool CD sleeves.

Stunning space...the world would much a better place if more shops exuded so much creativity and personality rather the usual safe & clean look found in high-street shops :-)
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