Di's trip in London

Di from the quirky and highly entertaining Designer's Block is in London this week and she came to our home on Monday evening for diner. I was really excited to meet her because when she sold to us a couple of years ago, we actually did the whole deal over the phone....It was very stressful at the time, we had to finalise the deal quickly while trying to download emails from my mum's dial-up connection in France....Thanks God, my mum has now embraced broadband and acquiring has been one of the best decisions we made. I love it, it is very different from BODIE and FOU which is very stylish whereas WDYBT is quirky and fun but it has some fantastic designs from Eva Solo and of course the ever best-selling Armadillo breadbin...Given the number of breadbins we've shipped, the whole of England must have one Dillo by now!
Anyway, I've absolutely loved Di, she is very nice and very funny and we had a really cool evening.

She is now out and about in London and I'm really looking forward to see what she will write because she is off to see some of the coolest places in London like Petersham Nurseries in Richmond (we have a similar glass dome on BODIE and FOU) and unique and inspiring shops like Egg, Few & Far - a shop recently opened by Priscilla Carluccio, wife of restaurateur Antonio and younger sister of Sir Terence Conran, Caravan in Shoreditch, the Shop at Bluebird and many more so a post back from London promises to be well interesting and full of great shopping addresses!


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