Off to Frankfurt tomorrow

I've been kindly invited by Normann Copenhagen to attend the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt this weekend so I'm off very early tomorrow. I'm tired (getting old for all these trips around Europe) but really excited as I'm sure I'm going to see some fantastic designs!
I wish you all a very nice weekend

Update: Jesus! I was preparing my trip for tomorrow morning and I just realised that the Fair has booked me a room in the hotel for tonight instead of tomorrow evening...I cant believe I didn't pick this up early! I've sent the organiser an email so hopefully they will be able to help me out otherwise I'm going to be in trouble...I guess I could always sleep on the Normann Copenhagen stand...
Anyway, like I put on the's a mini BODIE and FOU adventure!...freaking out though....

Last update: Well.....all went well. I'm glad the organisers' organisation skills didn't match mine (or the lack of it). I had a very good meeting with Normann Copenhagen and we are going to work on some cool things together in the future. I was really pleased to meet Poul, one of the founder and Peter the Sales director who had so many funny stories to tell me about Normann....and now I have been invited to visit them in Copenhagen in October.....I cant wait!


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