House in Portugal....ummm

I'm two days away from flying to France to go and get Mila and although I will still be working down there, just the thought of going back to our house in France (see Grand Designs feature here), being by the beach and going for walk with my parents or have diner on the boat makes me feel in a holiday kind of mood so for tonight, here is a very nice house in Portugal (Charlotte..if you read this, I hope you're having a fabulous time there!)

This is a house owned by a family of architects, a father and his two daughters who built it in 2002 as a holiday house....what a great family project!
The view from the house is amazing as you can see miles of pine trees and smell the Atlantic coast nearby. To keep their privacy, they've actually built two twin houses linked by a communal entrance. Each house is built around a central cube with white-washed walls and concrete floors (by the way, I came across a few people who specialised on concrete interiors in France....not a mean feast because when we tried to do something with concrete in our house in France, our local tradesman completely freaked I will post them later as you may find useful if you've a French renovating project in mind...)

The black lamp is from Habitat and the beautiful wooden table in the background by Rui Pimentel.

It must be absolutely amazing to stay there, waking up in the morning and just hang out on the deck looking at the forest...but I really really love the bath below.

Concrete is such a beautiful material to use if you have a light and airy space. Steve's uncle has an architect house in New-Zealand, with massive windows like this in the bathroom and the feeling you get when showering while feeling so close to nature is incredible....

And once my despair, someone else was smart enough to buy theses gorgeous loungers from Ikea....I really wished I had bought them at the time or at least that Ikea had announced they were discontinuing them. I don't know why they stopped selling them, it is such a simple, contemporary design which just look so perfect for many homes....


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