Gorgeous architectural house in North London

From time to time, I like browsing property websites just to imagine what home I would get if I could afford one of these £8,000,000 properties and yesterday, I came across this gorgeous architectural house in Highgate, north London on
I really love the glass structure below which is at the  back of the house. Wouldn't it be amazing to live in such a nice, light & airy space! 
I so can see myself hanging out in the garden at weekends and have cool diner parties with friends and apparently this place can easily host parties for 150 guests!

This 6-bedroom house (plenty of space to make more babies!) was designed by Eldridge Smerin and it was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize - British architecture's highest honour -and is a short walk from Hampstead Heath, one of my favourite places when I was living in North London.
The Lawns won a RIBA Award and was shortlisted for the prestigious Stirling Prize in the same year, although if I was the real owner, I would update the concrete stairs (see photo here) with wooden stairs to enhance the feeling of closeness to nature.
What do you think, shall we pull our savings together and buy it :-)

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