Ovetto the eco-friendly Egg recycling bin

Separation of waste plays an important role in the integrated management system of waste as it allows the reduction of the amounts sent on for disposal to positive conditioning of the entire management system. To make certain that waste is correctly disposed of and recycled; waste must be kept separate according to the material class it belongs to.

Interior Architect and Designer, Gianluca Solid, has always been in touch with the environment and has designed Ovetto, an object that meets the needs of domestic waste separation in order to educate the population to correctly dispose of waste in order to be able to consequently recycle it.
Ovetto differenziato which stands for Recycling Egg, is an object of interior design that unites functionality, design, and environmental education. Each of its compartments has holes for air circulation.
Ovetto fits easily in modern homes and offices and is a great gift for anyone who wants to show off their "green" engagement.

I love it. I took Mila to see Wall-E and the Ovetto looks very much like Wall-E's fiance...especially the white version


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