The bowls that stopped me from going to jail

If you're thinking about getting a new set of bowls for the kitchen, the Jensen bowls by Normann Copenhagen are the ones to get. I took the blue ones at home a few weeks ago and I have been raving about it since then but let's focus on why they are so good...
Is it because each bowl has a wide slop suitable for pouring thin as well as thick consistency?
I don't know.

I'm not a great cook so it's not like I have massive amount of expertise when it comes to kitchenware but I do find this wide thing very practical.
What really did it for me is how light they are and I should know that this matters because a few years ago, I was preparing my famous chocolate cake to take to her friend's party when disaster striked.
As I was holding my nice ceramic salad bowl with one hand (from the Ikea 365+ range but they don't do the bowl anymore which is a shame), trying to pour the mixture in my oven dish with the other, I dropped the flippin' thing which broke into pieces in the oven dish.
Not only I didn't have enough butter and chocolate to start all over again but I was running late so in the end, I picked up the ceramic bits from the chocolate, put the whole thing in the oven and Bob's your uncle!
Except that when my friends started to eat my cake, they came across crunchy bits which I could hardly disguise as nuts. Fearing that of of them would start bleeding to death after eating my ceramic bits or decide to sue me, I came clean.

To this day, although they are still my friends, my 'crunchy cake' stands right up there at the same level than the tuna cake not cooked enough I served them when Elodie was pregnant.
So yes they are light and they are fantastic to use. Personnally, my favourite ones are the blue because I feel I'm cooking by the sea (blue/sea..see the link..) but they come in white or grey.
They also have a non-slip bottom and I love the different sizes. Mila uses the small one at breakfast and I love the other sizes to prepare things and the largest one as a salad bowl.
So I'm not going to make an habit of reviewing the kitchen stuff we have on BODIE and FOU, but these bowls are great.

Available in grey here, blue here and white here


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