48 beautiful m2

Studio/Living space often look amazing mainly because of the vast amount of space. However space wasn't on his side, when French architect Nicolas Vognot started working on the conversion of this small old workshop (only 48m2). Why is why it's even better and I absoultely adore how Nicolas managed to convey this small place into a light, airy space.
The way he did was by delimiting the space into areas divided by modulable partition walls made of metal and glass to keep the industrial look of the building.

The space was almost divided in two big blocks. One with the lounge/dining area and the second block broken down into mini blocks for the kitchen, the bedroom ad bathroom. The diner table above was designed by Nicolas, the chairs are vintage school chairs (check out Manutan for industrial chairs).

In one corner of the lounge area, Nicolas built a fireplace against the wall of the bathroom and build a bookshelf from floor to ceiling to maxime storage space. The chairs are from Le Corbusier and originals are found at Cassina.
Nicolas installed the concrete kitchen worktop along the windows to make the most of the view and built the kitchen units using medium and he built some metal shelves to store pots and pans.

The bedroom's panels are made of polycarbonate (which let the light through but gives the room the intimacy it requires. The floor lamps are from Artemide.

In the bathroom, Nicolas managed to fit storage below the lavabo and even a washing machine. I love the 'French tube tiles' on the walls which we see more and more and the original floorboard.
Nicolas Vignot, 6 rue de Vaucouleurs, 75011 Paris, 06 11 96 67 69. et
(c) photo credit: Marie Claire maison


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