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I love vintage and if you've read this blog for a little while, you will know that I believe in mixing vintage accessories with high-street designs from Ikea, Muji and high-end contemporary accessories to give your home a very personal touch.

Elodie and I spent our childhood scouring flea markets and jun shops with our mum so for a long time, our flats probably looked like the annexe or the stock room of a junk shop and the family joke is that our mum's garage still look like she could have open days to the public ....
It had its advantages....when we were teenagers, it was awesome to go through the clothes she was wearing when she was in her twenties but then, tastes change then you realise that you actually prefer wearing soft cotton from 2009 than itchy fabrics from the 70s and over the years Elodie and I started to be attracted to more modern, uncluttered living space.
Personnally I go through our stuff (clothes, magazines, accessories) on a regular basis and give them away to charities. The trick is to put everything you think you won't wear anymore in a bag by the door and if after a few months you haven't touched the bag, you can safely assume that you will not wear this stuff anymore.
However one thing that I have kept on and keep sourcing are vintage toys.
Vintage toys have something incredibly charming about them, maybe it's the fading colours, the little scratches and marks that have a past, maybe it's the air of nostalgia they have, but if you displayed them together on a shelf in a room fairly uncluttered, they will stand out and look fantastic!

I was really happy when I came across Arthur's Circus, an Australian website that specialises in vintage toys, collectables and lighting. You can get some real treats from their E-shop here and find a happy mix of vintage toys, letters and objects from the 50s and 60s if you are in a hurry for a quick vintage deco fix but dont forget that the fun part about finding vintage toys and accessories for your home and where and how you found them....


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