Adore Vintage

Today I had a real 'coup de coeur' for Rodellee Marie's website Adore Vintage which carries one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and vintage accessories!

Rodelle was born and raised in the Philippines and fell in love with fashion at a very early age. At 5 years-old, she was already the proud owner of 15 pairs of shoes with matching bags and a handful of fancy hand-sewn dresses.
At 7, she told her Grandfather that she would be a fashion designer making paper dolls from cardboard and constrution paper.
20 years later, Rodellee now collects and sells vintage clothing and does a wonderful job.
Adore Vintage has amazing vintage pieces like the Citrus and Honey dress or this beautiful Kenneth J Lane necklace which make you feel like you've raided Alex Chun or Nicole Richie's wardrobes...and don't get me started on the bags...I love the Passenger Train bag and the Wicker Rocker Clutch below

As soon as I landed on the Adore Vintage homepage, I had butterflies in my has so many nice things...I hope you enjoy it too. You can also read Rodellee's blog for more vintage inspiration...
If you love fashion and are in the UK, you must visit Find A Fashion shop!


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