Amazing work studio in Philadelphia

Today, I'm writing from a hotel room with an amazing view on Hong Kong. We arrived yesterday and no matter how much we are used to travel, I always think it's a bit surreal and amazing to be one day in London and the day after in a complete different place.
I probably wouldn't spend a week holiday here but I'm glad we stopped over before heading for Auckland. So far, Mila and I explored the luxurious shopping mall below our hotel, and discovered the local supermaket where I bought her a funky yellow apple pencil sharpener but I managed to get lost so will see if tomorrow we can venture a bit further.
In the meantime, here is an amazing loft owned by Shauna and Steven, the designers behind Something's hiding in here
I always envy the space lofts provide but they not always easy to make them work as family-friendly spaces. However Shauna and Steven have managed to create a string of creative corners and to give this massive space an amazing character full of individuality.

I love their collection of vintage globes on top of the shelves which they built themselves and apparently it wasn't an easy job...Although green is not my colour, I also like the large typo on the wall and if you have a large wall like this available, you may as well use it as a giant canvas to either feature family pictures (using the Family wallpaper) or beautiful prints like the ABC Love print from MadeByGirl and the Make and Do Mend print from Bold & Noble.

How cool is this kitchen? Don't you think it looks like a TV set??


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