London map is winning...

Do you know how great it feels when Elodie and I fell totally in love with a new design, add it to our chic online boutique and within a couple of hours, it solds out feels FA-BU-LOUS and that what is happening with the new beautiful London and Paris maps by Famille Summerbelle.
So far the London map is winning as we have now sold out on pre-orders alone but the Paris one is not far behind..

Don’t panic, although the first batch is now allocated, we’re getting more stock in a week time and will process all the back orders as soon as we’ve received all the posters.
To answer design fans from the US and Canada who read Holly's post on Decor8, the London and Paris maps fit in Ikea’s picture frames and they look best in the Ikea’s white RIBBA frame.
The map + int’l shipping to US is £48.80/$80 and to Canada £53.30/$93
Thanks for your support!


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