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I love spending time there but frankly giving the longing I have for the sun, heat and white houses of Ibiza, I wonder some times why we didn't buy a house there instead (oh I know....spur of the moment purchase....near my family....the beaches of my rides through pine forests....). Anyway, last night, Elodie and I skyped each other and we agreed to go to Ibiza together for a week so if you know any nice villas to rent in Ibiza or Formentera (my favourite), let me know. In the meantime, let's dream about Ibiza's beautiful fincas looking at this one that belongs to a parisian TV producer. Michel bought this finca a few years ago. At the time of his purchase, it had no water, no electricity and it was really in a sorry state but it was on top of a hill and it reminded Michel of the little houses that Marcel Pagnol described in his novels...The house looked like an old, wrinkly and tired, little turtle...but Michel was seduced and bought it.

As the house was too small, he called architect Pascal Cheik Djavadi to help him to transform it into a family plans were drawn, ideas discussed and agreed and off they went. Pascal Cheik Djavadi started adding beautiful volumes to this little house and little by little the little turtle (3.50m high) turned into a giant one (7m high) and suddenly things weren't great anymore between Michel and Pascal so they went separate ways and Michel finished the renovation with his partner.
If divorcing, moving, losing its job are on top of the most stressful things to experience (beside illness of course), disagreements with builders, architects or anyone involved in a renovation project can't be far from the top of the list. When we renovated our house in France, we had the builder from hell. Each time, I was discussing an idea with him and asking him to quote before going ahead, I would come back the day after and he would have started banging into the walls, knocking down the fireplace without my approval and then would tell me that it would cost $$$$. The first time, I lost it, the second time we fired him. I found out later on that he was making an habit of it and drove our lovely local baker to tears when she asked him to work on the bakery's oven. Thanks god, it's all behind now.
However, I'm not implying that Pascal Cheik Djavadi was the architect from hell. On the contrary, Pascal is a very talented architect and it is not the first time I come across his name but at some point, they misunderstood each other. Although now looking at it, I think this house in Ibiza has benefited from the owner and architect's differences in style and expectations and is now a wonderful and unique blend of traditional architecture with simple, beautiful contemporary lines. The kitchen for instance is fitted with state-of-the-art appliances from Gaggeneau while the sink is made of a very old stone imported from Portugal and the kitchen island from a local black stone, fitted with stainless-steel cupboards.

I love the large windows of this house. They emphasize the outdoor scenery like giant picture frames and look at the light and the perspective in this bedroom! Doesn't it look superb? The bath is by P. Starck for Duravit and is fitted in a concrete block just high enough to make the most of the view outside.

What about you? Have you had stressful experience on a renovation project? What did you do in the end? I would love to hear from you....
(C) photos: Marie-Claire Maison/Cote Maison/PERE PLANELLS


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