Birthday girl in white heaven...

Today, I'm turning 43 and I have to say that I'm happy...Not that it is my Birthday, I don't really care (except when my family forgets about it but they didn't...), no I'm happy because I feel good in my own skin and happy with what I have in my life.
I live with the love of my life who not only I think, is good-looking but has great taste and showered me with beautiful gifts this morning from Mont Blanc and COS.
I have a wonderful child who is becoming an amazing, funny and witty little person, a business that I'm passionate about.
I have friends that I have known for 25 years and others that I only met online but who are very much present in my daily life.
I have a first catalogue that received an Award early this week, a great team and people around me I enjoy working with. 
I have still fire in my belly and the willingness to try things, take risk and I have decided that I will make the most of what rest of my life and if you're still not convinced, read this wonderful article by Marc Winn who I adore, on the advantage of being happy.

Below is another home designed by my design hero Jacqueline usual, very beautiful and you can still get a few Morabito designs on BODIE and FOU here.


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