Kavka's home

Asia and I share a love for the work and style of Jacqueline Morabito but I really love Asia's own style and find her home a great source of inspiration. I love how she spreads monochrome touches around her home and how her house feels like a home....relaxing, inviting, creative and personal.
Looking at her photos below, I have white envy...I spent Sunday afternoon in our top guest bedroom. I wanted to style the room and put together a mini photo studio but I ended up sorting out/ shredding lots of papers and putting lots of our old CDs on MusicMagpie which actually felt quite relaxing. I hadn't had a 'slow weekend' for months. Between travelling, DIY and shooting our first catalogue, things have been incredibly hectic.
But on Sunday, with the rain outside, there was something quite comforting in drinking tea from the comfort of my home and doing simple, mundane things.


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