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I had great pleasure and fun writing the editorial about Mother's Day for the BODIE and FOU E-newsletter that went out this morning. If you haven't signed up to receive it, you can read it online here

From the number stories that my Dad loves to tell, I was not an easy child...Not that I was horrible or anything like that but I was always on the move, always pushing the boundaries, always dreaming of bigger things and it was tiring for my parents.
When I got pregnant with Mila, my parents' reaction was: "Pay back time! You will see what you were like"
Then as it became obvious that Mila was nothing like me and she was this incredible easy, smiling child, their reaction was "It's not fair, you don't deserve her", to which Steve takes great pleasure in highlighting that she got all the good things from his side. 

I love Mother's Day...out of all the occasions to celebrate, it is definitively one of my favourites and as I get older, I also realise that this woman who always tells Elodie and I what to do (or at least it feels that way), always give us her opinion even when we didn't ask for it, is someone that I love hugely and she won't be around forever so just cherish her while you can, even if she does your head in once in a while :-)

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Have a great weekend!


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