House of fashion stylist Johanne Riss

Fashion stylist Johanne Riss was born in the north of France then went to Belgium where she sets up her label and came back to Paris to live in this old workshop in Le Marais, one of Paris' most interesting, fashionable and creative areas. I had read somewhere that she was mainly designing wedding dresses so I went to check her site (not that I need one anytime soon) ... the timeless section was 'soon to be available', so was the wedding and bags sections. When it comes to site navigation, I'm not the most patient person and I was about to give up but I tried my luck one more time and then nearly fell of my chair....euh hello!! Where do these drop-dead gorgeous black dresses come from??!!

In contrast with her sublime black dresses, Riss's house is very white but as beautiful. Given that she uses this beautiful space as a showroom and studio during the day, her apartment has been styled with the same flawless perfection and sense of luxury.

I love how these floor-to-ceiling white drapes frame the entrance of the bedroom and give the room a much lighter, fairy-like look than the doors Riss got rid of. The wall lights are the 'Lucellino' by Ingo Maurer which you can get from here and the gorgeous lighting column called Mobile 01 is made of ceramic and is by Isabelle Farahnick (Fat Galerie).

I have to say when it comes to lighting, whoever was responsible did a fantastic job. The light in each room is great and I'm in love with the glossy black lavabo which goes perfectly well with the all-white bathroom and the Noguchi lamp (check Galerie Sentou).

The kitchen was fitted with stainless steel units used by the pros but you can now get a similar look with the stainless-steel range from Ikea. During the day, the lounge becomes Riss' office and like VIPs looking up a mini catwalk, an ecclectic cluster of chairs are gathered together around the long wooden table. You can see the "One" chair by Konstantin Grcic, the "DSW Eiffel" by Charles et Ray Eames, the "Série 7" by Arne Jacobsen at the end of the table, then on the right the "Heaven" chair by Jean-Marie Massaud and another DSW.
Like the Brides to be she dresses, Riss uses white, cream, ivory to dress her home and combines lightness and it, love it, love it!


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