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Last night, Steve and I were going to our friend Charlotte's birthday Bash at Tea's Me a stylish, little cafe in Notting Hill (read here). I had a meeting in town in the afternoon, so I went to Villandry next to Steve's office to work until he was done. As I was talking to the waitress to make sure I could get their wireless signals on my laptop, a handsome guy at a table caught my eyes....but then I looked at him again and realized it was Steve!!!

How cool is that? 11 years on, one little minx and I still fancy him when I see him somewhere unexpected and he thought it was hilarious to watch me checking him out without realizing it was him. Let's face it, it's not always lovey dovey between us. He is a New-Zealander and I'm a passionate French chick so once in a while we have "cultural clashes" but it's nice once in a while to stop and appreciate the good things in our lives and for me, Steve is one of the best things I have.

So today blogging about Le Love, a blog dedicated to romantic, sweet, lovey dovey photos seems like the perfect thing to do...


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