Mobi in Ole Jensen's washing-up bowl

Ole Jensen (below), the designer of the rubber washing-up bowl has created this cool king size/bathtub version for the Mindcraft exhibition which is taking place in Milan next week.

Wouldn't it be cool if it was going into production!! I would love to have one in my house in France as a Summer outdoor tub to have a little soak at the end of the day...especially the one with Moby (below).
Since ceramist and designer Ole Jensen, graduated from the Design School in Kolding in 1985, he has become a well-recognized designer in the field of design and craft. Primarily known as a ceramist (see his beautiful Familia tableware range here), Ole developed some of the most innovative designs at Royal Copenhagen and during the years his work has moved beyond the traditional ceramic work. To this day Ole has designed a wide variety of items - from porcelain tableware, kitchen utensils to a funky rubber washing-up bowl

For the MINDCRAFT exhibition Ole has developed a soft bathtub, exploring the EPDM rubber material in new dimensions, taking his artistic point of departure in his success design: the washing-up bowl for Normann Copenhagen.


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