The move from hell.....

So....BODIE and FOU and are re-locating to London on Friday...yep fab.....not quite...the last two weeks have been pure hell!
I have been planning this move over the past 8 weeks and so far everything is going wrong and I mean seriously wrong... (not down to a lack organization though I would like to point out). First, I organized twice early this month for the BT engineer to come to the new unit to set up the phone line and each time, the builders weren't around to let him in. Third time lucky, we got in and then the BT guy realised that the builders had pulled out all the cables and there was nothing left to contact phone and internet....Happy days!
Given that I run two internet websites and we're approaching our most busiest period, not having the phone or internet is somehow a little problem to say the least...
But hey that's not it, this week, I also found that our new warehouse (which eventually will be stunning) wont be ready at all for our moving date on Friday.....I have to admit that at that stage, although I was trying to stay calm, I was close to hang up myself but instead I opened a bottle of wine (after diligently bursting into tears...).
Then to kill for good the little bit of positivism I had left, the removal company has now announced me that they wont have a 7.5 ton available on Friday and may have to do the move over 2 that stage I drank the whole bottle of wine!
So over the next few days, I will either have found back up solutions for everything that came up or just drank all the wine and ate all the chocolate ice cream my good friend Mandy (who is kindly put me up in Bristol) may have in her home.
In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful pictures found on Les Carnets du Design


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