Autism without borders - Zadig & Voltaire

I just wanted to mention this great initiative between Sephora (a French cosmetic & perfume high street chain) and cool French fashion label Zadig et Voltaire for the Association Autisme without Borders.

To raise funds, Zadig et Voltaire have designed a t-shirt which is available in all the Sephora stores (see list here) so if you're planning a trip to France, I can only advise you to try to get hold of one.
A child who suffers from autism is before anything else a child who needs to go to school to learn how to communicate and to develop a sense of autonomy like any kids except that this child needs a specialized coach and that's why providing support is important. Some friends of ours have a little girl who is autistic. She is adorable and very cute but her mum is spending a lot of time each week at doctors and hospitals. Luckily, she goes to a nursery with other children who don't suffer from autism and thanks to the amazing staff at the nursery, she is taught how to communique with others but as she grows older, she will need more specialised care and this is without mentioning the strength and stamina her parents have. Sadly my friend wasn't considered as being in the risky age bracket when she was pregnant as she was under 30....They have my full admiration and have two little girls who are absolutely gorgeous but I just wonder how much savings the NHS makes on tests that could detect this illness vs the costs of looking after a it really worth it not testing young mothers to be?
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