My latest DIY project with the Scrapwood wallpaper

I have wallpapered twice in my whole life. 
Mostly, because the task has always seemed more daunting and difficult that it really is and I tend to paint walls in my home in white or Farrow & Ball grey paint anyway. 
However, since we added the Scrapwood wallpaper collection by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek to BODIE and FOU, I have been dying to do a feature wall with either the PHE-2 design or the PHE-3 in our holiday home in France. So last month, after spending a week on the boat doing nothing, I started a bit of DIY the second week.
The last time, I wallpapered our bedroom, it was with this lovely wallpaper (which we no longer carry) and while I managed to do a fairly good job for a first time, I was hugely disappointed that the glue stained the wallpaper.
There was no chance, this would happen with the Scrapwood wallpaper because the quality was way better and there are really two things that did for me:
First, you don't need a pasting table because you just have to apply the paste on the wall (which is a lot easier) and there is no repeat pattern (pure bliss!) so wallpapering our wall was a breeze. 
I think I did the wall in about 2/3 hours. My mum and I just measured each lay on the big Ikea table we have in the lounge, I then applied the paste on the wall, then the paper, leaving 1 cm down to the bottom to cut when everything was dried and that was it. The tricky thing was cutting around the sockets and wire but that's not difficult.
I'm really pleased with the outcome. It has completely changed the look of the room, making it looking fresher and wider. I hope you like it...


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