Mibo wallpaper and tile tattoos

Launched in 2001, Mibo is the brainchild of Madeleine Rogers, an ex TV & Film Art Director turned talented textiles Designer. As Mibo's designs are available in numerous stylish shops including Liberty , I'm sure UK readers already came across her lampshade and cushions designs especially the ones with the birds like the Clacket lane cushion. Madeleine draws inspiration from her surroundings on the British coast -- seaside resorts, bold deckchair stripes, and nostalgic patterns that would be at home on a 1950s bikini...

However, I really wanted to mention Mibo's wallpapers because they are really charming. As you propably noticed from the number of interior magazines featuring them, wallpapers are back in style big time. Personally, I'm still a white painted walls person. First because I like white walls and secondly because I get instant gratification from painting a dull wall with bright, light-filling white paint whereas I know I would do a crap job with wallpapers. Saying that, I wouldnt say no to a feature wall using wallpaper to make a bold statement and paint the other three walls.
In fact, Elodie and I have recently discovered a fantastic Swedish wallpaper designer and we will add her work in our Portrait of a Designer section soon...

I like Mibo's wallpapers bceause they are stylish and different enough to make a statement without being overpowering and you can easily them work in a lounge, bedroom or hallway.

I'm also seduced by Madeleine's tile tattoos. They wouldnt work in my home but I think they would look great in someone's home who loves 1940s, 1950s designs (by the way if you like retro stuff, you should read Retro to Go).

For more info, visit Mibo

PS: In doing some research about Madeleine Rogers, I came across the site about the little Madeleine McCann and reading it while having my mimi nearby watching CBeebies made me cry. I'm sure you know all about her disparition and frankly despite how some people feel about the McCann's PR campaign, as a mother, I wouldn't like to go through what they are experiencing so just keep an eye when you go abroad. Hopefully someone will find her soon and safe.


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