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Since the interview for The Independent, I have been reflecting on how far our little business has come and all the positive things that are happening to us, still amaze me. We've still a long way to go but it's extremely rewarding to see all these positive events. I remember being thrilled by our first press coverage in Elle Decoration and Living Etc and the novelty hasnt worn off, I'm still very excited each time they feature us. It also surprises me and amazes me when people take the time to let us know how much they love our site. This is one of the kindest things I know because running a business is challenging and you will go through phases of doubts and fears but getting positive feedback is incredibly energizing.
Yesterday, for instance, I had a lovely call from Emily thanking me for some advices I gave her which turned out to be good for her recently launched business Milk and Honey. Frankly if time was on my side, I would be more than happy to help out more people but running two websites as well as making time for my little family and trying to keep fit and healthy, is a challenge, believe me!
So if you're launching your business, my best advice to you is: Create your own inspiring world by looking at what the people you admire do and do the same and even more!

Holly mentioned that she 'surrounds herself with positive people who keep their eyes fixed firmly ahead and press forward to accomplish their goals and good things will start to happen in your life' and I totally agree. I'm a firm believer that if you put all your energy into something you're passionate about, good things will come, I promise.

So here are a few things that really inspire me... and guess what....they are all women!! And I love that! I think it's very encouraging to see so many women now running their own business.

On the blog front, the two I found most inspiring and always have a great pleasure to read are Decor8 (from Holly mentioned above) and Style Files and I would love to meet up one day with Holly and Danielle. And a special mention to Di Overton, the founder of who created a fantastic brand and enabled me to make one of my dreams comes true.

One of the UK brands I have also admired for a long time is Isabella Oliver

What Baukjen and Vanessa have achieved with their maternitywear is amazing and I regularly check their site for inspiration (see their maternity magazine above).
In the world of fashion, there is Nathalie Massenet, the founder of net-a-porter for believing in her business which I think, took about 6 years before being profitable. I dont want to bore you with business details but behind creativity, there is the financial side and I admire her stamina and drive for keeping it going against the odds until she succeeds. Nathalie said that one of the book who inspired her was Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain so get it and focus. In the world of homeware, there is Lady Bamford, who probably didnt struggle financially like a lot of us do when we launch a business, since her husband is one of the richest men in the UK, but notheless her creative vision makes Bamford Barn an amazing place and the others are Mark and Sally Bailey for taking shopping experience to the next level, which I mentioned in The Independent.
In France, I admire Sophie Albou, the Founder of Paul & Joe for creating a beautiful brand and I like the fact that she names her business after her sons, like Isabella Oliver.
And the most important people...friends and family, the ones that know you inside out and totally believe in you. The ones that who be truly happy for your success and achievements, the ones that will cheer you up when you feel down or have anxiety attacks, the ones who believe in you no matter what. These people are priceless...


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