Nelson Sepulveda & Belart Industries

Atelier Belart Creations is the creative encounter between a Tunisian stoneware manufacturer, Ali Belajouza and a Chilean creative director, Nelson Sepulveda.

The beginning of their collaboration started in Paris when Belajouza offered Sepulveda, the opportunity to conceive and create a new stoneware collection as well as the image and ethics of the collection, investigating not only what to produce, but how to produce it....

From this was born bowls, tumblers, plates, salad bowls, water jugs....just in two colours, white and black to seduce the soul.

I discovered the ceramics designed by Nelson Sepulveda at Maison & Objet a couple of years ago when Elodie & I were scouring new designs for BODIE and FOU. We had decided to have a quick look at the Chic Ethnic Hall and suddenly we were standing in front of this amazing display of ceramics piled on rough wooden planks and warehouse pallets and I fell instantly in love with their simple, organic curves inspired by nature.

The Dadasi collection in black.

The Ewa collection in white.

Since then, these photos have been on my mood board at work and inspire me to stay open to shapes, colours, styles to discover all the amazing creativity and beauty available in our world.


(C) Photos from Mark Eden Schooley for Belart Industries


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