Milk and honey

I had a lovely chat this morning with Emily Evans, the Founder of Milk and Honey, a website that sells soft home linens made of natural fibres and made in Europe. Emily is French but she is based in Cardiff. I haven't met her but I really warm to her over the phone....It's always nice to chat to other women in business and even better when I can do it in French.

So I'm happy to mention her site because Milk and Honey's simple, efffortless modern chic home linens fit nicely with the BODIE and FOU lifestyle except that we dont do linens ....
I also like the philosophy of their brand.... "Everyone wants to change the world. We are surrounded by corporate brands that dominate the market and offer volume over quality, low prices at the expense of human development. Milk & Honey prides itself to give you quality products that have less impact on the environment and are made where workers are treated fairly, without costing the earth..."
A little message to Emily: Just to inspire you.... you may want to go and check out two beautiful shops not far from Cardiff: Baileys Home & Garden and the Bamford Barn (where Mila and the beautiful Helena Christenen hit it off).


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