Our house in France to be shot by Chris Tubbs

I wanted to share with you these beautiful shots from Paris-based photographer Chris Tubbs because yesterday I was told by a major interiors UK magazine (I cant tell which one yet....) that they were sending him to shoot our house in France at the beginning of May.

I'm really excited and a bit nervous to meet him because looking at his impressive portofolio on Redcover, I realised that he was the one behind the gorgeous photos of Jacqueline Morabito's house, my favourite French designer and our inspiration behind BODIE and FOU.

I mean it's a fantastic news but it is also a bit nerve-wrecking and intimidating at the same time. Personally, I absolutely love our home in France, it is light, spacious and it's the family home I've always dreamt having but let's face it, it is not as nice as Jacqueline Morabito's and Chris is probably used to shoot stunning houses from famous people but hopefully he will be a nice guy and we will have a great day. It really amazes me how the universe know. Since we launched Bodie and Fou, I feel our life around the business has been this massive mood board of all the things we love and creative people we admire and somehow they keep coming our's a bit freaky

Our house was shot last year by You magazine (see behind-the-scenes shots here) but the theme of the feature was one day in the life of a French family on holidays, so they focused on the French themed bedroom and our little family enjoying ourselves....I think this time it is going to be more on how we turned a house in a very poor state into a light and airy relaxed, family space...

Anyway, there will be plenty of us to make this a great day because before the mag told me they wanted to feature it, I had organised a long weekend with friends to come down so it's going to be about 12 of us and 5 kiddies....should be fun


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