the shock of my life

Tonight, I'm preparing some background info for a glossy magazine that may be run a piece on BODIE and FOU and its Founders (Elodie and I) and I just worked out that I'm going to be 39 at the end of the month! Frankly it came as a shock.
I never really think about my age because it is how you feel in your own skin that can be a fit, healthy chick at 50 and a couch potatoe at 20 and I never consider myself being almost 40 or at least the image of a 40 something person I had in my head when I was in my 20s if you see what I mean. I had such a ball for my 35 years-old birthday that I just sticked to this, give or take a year or two.....
Well, take 4 now.... I better start thinking about my 40th birthday party!


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