Made-to-measure rugs

As I was reading Spaces magazine, I got very excited by an article about Made-to-measure rugs, a company that offers an interactive rug design service worldwide, with prices starting at £79 including delivery.

Lily (Elodie's daughter) was turning four and I thought if I was using one of her drawings and add her name to it, it would have made a fantastic and original gift for her bedroom (we will be using one of Lily's drawing for the BODIE and FOU childrenwear range coming out soon)

Sadly when I logged onto Made-to-measure rugs, I realised the the starting price was for plain rugs (dont' you think that after 15 years in marketing, I could have guessed this....). A custom-made rug is more like £400. In fact, price for the first square meter is £249, then £65 per square meter after that so a 183 x 122 cm rug (or 6 x 4 foot) would work out £329.12.

Anyway, it is still a fantastic idea, a bit too expensive for a present for a four-year old but a great way to give your home a personal touch.


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