My Charlotte (Gainsbourg)

When I saw Ode to Charlotte on Clare's facebook profile, I was doing several things at once, read it quickly and I thought she was talking about some kind of LA music it was midnight and my brain cells were melting.
Now that I'm trying to calm down from all the excitation of these past few days (new website coming along nicely...errr gorgeously!, new children mag discovered, being asked to be part of a feature for a glossy magazine, house in France to be shot again for a new-zealander magazine, beautiful new prints on the site, etc)..breathe woman...breathe....
I have realised - taking a little blog stroll through my favourite blogs - that Clare was talking about MY Charlotte and not some kind of obscure US rock band!

So MY Charlotte is in LA and Clare's husband will spend a couple of days with her filming her..Errmm..Hello!! Where would I wish to be right now, well Clare's husband pocket!
I'm not a big star struck person but since I was 14, there are two French girls I've always admired for their style and it is Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vanessa Paradis.
When it comes to French cool, you can't get more beautiful and cool than these two girls..

Clare is planning to sneak in during the shoot to give Charlotte one of her fabulous bags... If she has any left, I hope she will manage to give her La Tropezienne bag and then my only claim to fame will be that Charlotte and I have the same bag ...sigh....


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