Urban Outfitters' hip office space

Holly at Decor8 had some fantastic postings on her blog recently but my truly, favourite one is the one about Urban Outfitters offices in the States. Located in Philadelphia's navy yard in 5 historic industrial buildings, their office space bursts out creativity and I love it so much it aches!! I've always dreamt having a creative company in an old big open space building and this is exactly the kind of place where I would love our teams at BODIE and FOU and to enjoy working and be creative. Unfortunately they are few big companies that value the impact of a creative environment. Nowadays, it's about open space but with hardly enough pace to breath. Before starting my own business, I was working for Universal Music International in London and although UMI was a big corporate company, their office space was pretty good, especially in the A&R department but the most fabulous office space I saw was the German offices of Universal Music in Berlin. Like the Urban Outfitters ones, they had carved numerous creative spaces where groups could get together to chat and have lunch, there was a roof terrace and bars...pretty cool environment to hang out after work. Anyway, this is another thing on my list of things to do. While on the subject, we are currently looking for a nice, airy, open-space showroom for BODIE and FOU, so if anyone from Bristol reads this, feel free to get in touch with me. Thanks


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