We have the nicest customers!

This morning we received a really lovely email from Diane, one of our US customers. Diane ordered several boxes of bird clothes pegs for her daughter's wedding which has a garden-bird theme and will use them to hold table place cards on a line for guests. All the girls in our office thought it was a fabulous idea and we can't wait to see what it will look like when Diane sends us a picture at the end of June. Since the pegs were sent directly to her daughter, we enclosed a Cote Bastide heart as a little token for her wedding and we received the following email:

"Hello, Karine. I just wanted to thank you for the sweet heart ornament that you included with the order of bird clothes pegs that was sent to my daughter Tiffany. That was so very thoughtful of you. Tiffany was very touched that a stranger would do that! She also loved that you use the pegs to hang your child's artwork! She is marrying a Brit, so there truly is a bond between us and you folks in England! Sometimes it's just the small gestures that one remembers most. Your gift of that ornament will be remembered, to be sure.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness."

We didn't expect anything back but having now received the email, it makes us very happy that they were both touched because making someone happy with a little gift is as good as getting the gift so we wish Tiffany a fabulously stylish, fun & happy wedding and look forward to get some pictures!!!


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