Doing creative things make us feel good

I love these images. Doing creative things make us feel good, calm, focus.
If you're bored, they can transform boredom into a fun afternoon. if you are depressed, they can give your mind something to love and appreciate. If you're stressed, they give your mind something to focus on and relax.
When Elodie and I were young (16 and 11 years old), most Sundays after lunch, we watched Starsky & Hutch with our Dad, curling up on the sofa and then after joined our mum who was sewing beautiful things for us and these photos remind of these happy times as a family.
I love doing creative things on a Sunday afternoon especially when the weather is gloomy and wet like today. So today, I'm going to finish my Koushi lamp while Mila will paint dots on a paper lamp shade to achieve the look of this Paola Navone lamp shade Anouk & Marjon used on this gorgeous shot.
What creative things will you be doing today?


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