Be Amazing!

There is a reason why we keep posting positive, feel-good messages on Facebook, why I like collecting positive catchphrases and happy, uplifting images on Pinterest, why I push myself to always think positive whatever the situation, why I try to have a good laugh on a daily basis and do things that makes me happy.
It's because, even when everything is good in your life (like this wonderful, little catalogue we've produced and that you should request :-), shit happens and its important to train our minds on a daily basis to be positive, constantly.... to be able to deal with what life throws at us.
Yes sometimes life is unfair, sometimes life really sucks but overall I like to think we are pretty lucky and we should make the most of it.
I love this image at Chambers in San-Francisco, shot by The Rhoads and I wish I had a big shiny sign like this at home as a daily, positive reminder that I/we should live the life to its full and just BE AMAZING!

via Rue


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