Finetuning resolutions 2012

I love the beginning of a new year! It's such a wonderful opportunity to start fresh, forget about things that went wrong and move on. A few years ago, I diligently made lists of things I wanted to achieve. These days, I'm more relax about achievements, I don't do lists anymore because I'm happy in my own skin and my life in general but I still make small changes to be happier as a person, be there for my family and enjoy my work.

So in our little family, we don't make new year resolutions, we make finetuning ones....Little changes to improve our family life and overall well-being and we ask each other 2 things we would like the others to change/improve/stop....

Me: "So Mila...what would you like me to change this year?"
Mila: "I want you to stop drinking coca-cola and stop smoking" (I had actually given up smoking two years ago but had a few last Summer)
Me: "Ok, that's fine. I can do that. My turn...I would like to make sure that you brush your teeth twice a day and eat your Five a day. You can chose what they are and you can have chocolate from time to time as long as you had your 5 a day. ok?"
Mila: "OK"
Me: "And what about papa? What would you like him to change?
Mila: "umm....nothing"
Me: "WHAT??!! Com'on!! There must be something"
Mila: looking at Steve talking to his Dad in the garden..."No...he is just delicious!"

PS: This is a picture of Lucas making the most of our sofa while we were away, knowing fully that he is not allowed to do this! I wish you a wonderful, inspiring 2012!


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