In the shop this week: MILK DECORATION No 5

I came back from Paris yesterday with a batch of the MILK DECORATION No 5.
The book is totally delightful and exactly the kind of interiors I love and I aim to recreate in Mila's bedroom at home or in the shop so I think you will love it too.
The intro below by Marie Montuir, Editor of the TV show Interieurs also summarizes the spirit of this book very well:
"Not so very long ago, when I was a little girl, interior decoration for kids was strictly codified. Dreamy pink for girls, navy blue for boys. The lounge and the parents' bedroom were adult sanctuaries. On Sunday mornings, when the boys come bounding in far too early, screaming how much they love us and scattering cornflakes in between the sheets, I sometimes regret that slightly rigid division of territories. I get my revenge by hanging their pedal car over their bed or plonking a vintage lamp down on their desk. But they love it! Even worse, I have to ask their permission before putting their Star Wars "AT-TA" walker in the lounge. It's as beautiful as a modern sculpture..."

I'm glad decoration codes at home have changed and while it would be nice to have most days our lounge looking how I had envisioned it when I slaved over DIY: i.e calming & relaxing rather than looking like an extension of Mila's bedroom with plastic, colourful toys disrupting the simplicity of the few, carefully selected objects I displayed, I would not changed it for the world.
I'm as guilty as her anyway. While I ask her on a daily basis to take her stuff back to her room, the rabbit lamp that I took home for her bedroom is still proudly sitting in our lounge near my beloved Paulistano chair (see page 5 of our catalogue) and Mima le Chat print has very much find its place in the more grown-up quarters.


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