Rosie Flo's colouring Fashion Show

I was looking at the Rosie Flo's Fashion Show boxset this morning and I was really delighted to have this in our collection because the boxset is very pretty and nicely done but also, Mila has so many Birthday parties to attend, each time it is a real headache to find something nice and stylish for her friends...and easy to pack. And for me, this pretty colouring boxset just ticks all the boxes!

Ce matin, j'ai regarde les nouveaux produits que nous avions recu et j'ai adore le Rosie Flo's Fashion Show boxset d'abord parce que la boite est super mimi mais surtout Mila a tellement d'invitations a des anniversaires, que chaque fois , je me prends la tete pour trouver un cadeau sympa, original et facile a emballer. Et la, ce boxset de coloriage est juste parfait!


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