Kitchen with concrete floor

Steve and I have recently agreed to transform our lounge into something similar to what photographer Paul Massey did with his home. This is quite a big job. A lot of structural work is involved and the whole family (Lucas included) would have to move out for at least 6 weeks.
My friend Mandy who is trying to convince her husband to put large black floorboards in their lounge asked me how on earth I managed to do know... to get him on board, to agree to what I want.
Umm...if I knew, I would probably write a book called :"How to convince your husband to let you do whatever YOU want in the house" and I would probably be rich :-)
The truth is that I never take no for an answer...I spent months showing him rooms, homes, styles I like and at first, I was only getting negative, grumpy and stressed out NOs but I would come back to it later on with similar styles but different images...Persistance girls, persistance!!
Now that we have also agreed to a new kitchen with polished concrete floor like this home in Amsterdam, I have to show him the kitchen below from Paula Leen's home...although probably not from my post with the comment above :-) Have a great week!

(C) Photography by Hotze Eisma via Emma's Design Blog


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