A corner of my bedroom: It's Oh

Today, I'm showing you Claude's bedroom in a little corner of Switzerland.
I'm a huge fan of Claude's photographic style and blogs - yes blogs with an S because she hasn't one but two fabulous blogs.
Through It's Oh and Petits Bonheurs, you will discover precious little moments in life that are beautiful, poetic and inspiring...From back to school, a rainy weekend, the end of Summer, the arrival of Autumn, a gorgeous bloomer or a beautiful dress, Claude makes everything look amazing, gentle, happy...and I know you are going to fall in love with her world.

★★From Claude★★
"I'm in love with this green bedspread from Caravan because it's a gift from my man. It's my favourite corner because it looks like everything is tidy...Incidentally it's a bit of a constant for me...shooting only things at home that look tidy".


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