Happy thoughts for the weekend...

What are you up to this weekend?
For me, it will be an 11K run with my friend on Saturday am and then the parents of our lovely French baby-sitter Jeanne over for dinner on Sunday but most of the weekend will be about hanging out, just the 4 of us. I love going out but I think deep down I love even more staying at home doing things around the house - especially when winter comes - and this WE, Steve is going to hang this cluster light in our bedroom and this one on the landing stairs for me.

This week, I loved....

this polaroid of Helena Christensen

this knitted bus and knitted tree via My Wonderworld Fairy Tale

these cute bears in love

these modern house numbers

this gorgeous wedding dress but I'm too short for it...and I'm not getting married! (via les3castafiores)

these woolen stools from Claire-Anne O'Brien

this poster done with photos from The Sartorialist (via a cup of Jo)

and why single women want to meet European men

Have a wonderful weekend!


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