Julia x 3 | Styling from last week

Gee...that was a busy day! Good news is that our decorative animal heads got featured in Daily Candy, and the Circus print is back in stock.
Those who follow me on Instagram know that last week Francois and I were shooting the new Clare Vivier clutch collection with Julia...
Yes that Julia....the slim, beautiful, long shiny hair, funny, big-mouth Julia!!
First, I would like to say that I'm still madly in love with this oversize clutch bag which I had in blue last year but then I went to see my sister in Paris and she begged me so much that I ended up giving it to her to keep her quiet but the more I look how good it looks on this photo, the more I want it.
Second...well, after putting the BODIE and FOU work stuff to bed, we played a bit and here is the result...Hope you like it!


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